February 6th, 2006


Cake or Death: The Tv Show

from IMDB:

Hollywood star Minnie Driver and British comedian Eddie Izzard will play the husband and wife lead roles in a new US drama called Lowlife. The show - produced by the creators of surgical drama Nip/Tuck, sees Oscar-nominee Driver and Izzard as Dahlia and Wayne, a couple of traveling con-artists on a splurge through America. FX Networks president John Landgraf says, "It's a very complicated marriage, and both characters are really strong, so we needed two actors who are perfectly matched up and can hold their own." Production is due to start in early March.

And now a word from our sponsors....

So I was just checking out the Super Bowl ads I missed at : http://sports.aol.com/nfl/superbowlads

The Mastercard/MacGuyver commercial is definitely the best.

The Go Daddy one was underwhelming, too many geeks, too little Candice Michelle, but you can check out the evolution of their ad https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/superbowl06/timeline.asp?se=%2B&ci=5478

Not sure I like Kermit whoring himself out to Ford, but at least it's for a hybrid car, and it's good that the Muppets are being seen as having value.

Burger King is now referring to the freakish nature of the King...doesn't make him less creepy, though.

The Ameriquest hospital commercial was darkly funny.

I found the Aleve commercial with Leonard Nimoy to be kind of depressing.

The Taco Bell one, featuring Spandau Ballet's True...i get the felling that I'm supposed to recognize the people in it, but i didn't.